Lusca vs Squid – Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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Recently I installed a new Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server which comes with squid 3.1. I have squid 2.7 already running on ubuntu 10.04 LTS with a number of config changes to make it do various things. I didn’t want to have to re-invent the wheel so really wanted to stich with squid 2.7. Enter LUSCA!!

Lusca is a fork of Squid 2.7 maintained by Adian Chadd. Thus far it has been a drop in replacement for squid 2.7.

Byte Hit Ratios: 5min: 26.8%, 60min: 29.5%

I still have no figured out how to cache youtube but will eventually figure it out.

WordPress Update

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I’ve updated wordpress to the latest version. Everything is running well!

Network Monitoring System

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Hello World,

Recently discovered phpservermonitor on sourceforge. It’s a very well written modular network monitoring tool that is both easy to instll


DRP at work

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Hello Everybody,

DarkNet suffered a connectivity outage yesterday due to a telstra fault with my naked DSL line. Thus far it doesn’t look like my home DSL will be fixed any time soon. As such DarkNet servers have been relocated to a DRP site and are back up and running. Total outage was approxiamtly 4 hours.



Squid and youtube caching

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Hello Everybody,

I’ve spent considerable time making squid cache youtube.
I firstly tried using the webserver. However, a few problems where identified, firstly, you can only delete content based on date. I also identified that if the user fast forwards the video before it finishes downloading, it will start to save a nother copy of the video as the file size is now different. The method I used:


acl store_rewrite_list url_regex ^http://(.*?)/get_video?
acl store_rewrite_list url_regex ^http://(.*?)/videodownload?
acl store_rewrite_list url_regex ^http://(.*?)/videoplayback?
cache allow store_rewrite_list

# Had to uncomment this again, because I couln’d login to google mail using IE6 (firefox had no trouble):
acl QUERY urlpath_regex cgi-bin ?
cache deny QUERY

refresh_pattern (get_video?|videoplayback?|videodownload?) 5259487 99999999% 5259487 override-expire ignore-reload ignore-private negative-ttl=0

storeurl_access allow store_rewrite_list
storeurl_access deny all

storeurl_rewrite_program /etc/squid/
while (<>) {
@X = split;
$x = $X[0];
$_ = $X[1];
if (m/^http://([0-9.]{4}|.*|.*|.**?&(itag=22).*?&(id=[a-zA-Z0-9]*)/) {
print $x . “” . $2 . “&” . $3 . “n”;
# youtube Normal screen always HD itag 35, Normal screen never HD itag 34, itag=18 <–normal?
} elsif (m/^http://([0-9.]{4}|.*|.*|.**?&(itag=[0-9]*).*?&(id=[a-zA-Z0-9]*)/) {
print $x . “” . $2 . “&” . $3 . “n”;

} else {
print $x . $_ . “n”;

30th Birthday

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Hello World,

It’s only 9am and already today has been… interesting…

Today is bin day and I forgot to put the bin out, as such the half naked and freezing bin run was required early this morning.

In addition my older server DarkStar decided it was going to die last night. After getting up this morning I was presented with a segfaulting server at every command. Only command I could get to work was cat /proc/mdstat which showed a failed disk.

DarkStar has been made with RAID1+0 so a single failed disk shouldn’ t kill anything, however, on a reboot it didn’t comeback. After some tinkering I manually removed the failed disk and it booted!! but now it wants to fsck the drive.. which is going┬áto take hours. As such I have aborted the fsck and are rapidly rsync’n the data to another server.

Later tonight we’ll complete the fsck and if all goes south I atleast have the data somewhere else. The replacement of DarkStar has been something on the cards for a number of months so I’ll migrate all data to the new server in the near future.


The magic of Cacti

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A number of IT professionals have been telling me of the virtues of cacti, a network graphing tool. I decided to take the jump and give it a crack. In my case I am graphing my internal network which consists of 2 x GS108T smart switches and a Billion 7800n router.

I was surprised to find that google failed to locate a working template to allow for the easy graphing of the billion. As such I used the existing template available on the cacti forums and modified it using the below MIBS

Downstream Attenuation: .
Downstream SNR: .
Downstream Speed: .
Upstream Attenuation: .
Upstream SNR: .
Upstream Speed: .

Net result is username and password guest


Keira Read

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As many of you are aware I am now a father, my daughter Keira Elizabeth Read was both 3rd June 2011.

Mother and Baby are both doing well

Keira Read age 1 day

I will be publishing a web gallery shortly!


HP Microserver amd-n36l

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Well the time has come to replace the old DarkNet Server.

New server spec as follows:

* AMD Athlon II Neo N36L Dual Core CPU
* 4gig RAM
* 4 x 2Tb Samsung HD204UI drives
* Software Raid5

Software: Ubuntu linux 10.04.2 LTS with KVM

Costs of hardware:
HP Microserver – $180
4gig Ram – $50
4 x 2Tb hard drives = $400
HP Remote Access card – $80

Total costs = $710 – Cheapest server I’ve ever built!

Status Report

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As per my previous post I’m still working on migrating email and web. I’ve been time poor of late dude to changes in my siutation.